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Organic Garlic Grow Kit Product Specifications:

Suitable for zones 3-8 as per USDA Zone Maps.

  • Perfect for any location: transforming any space into a garlic garden that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.
  • All-in-one organic garlic growing kit: Comes with our signature Grow Bag, specialized fertilizer, and premium certified organic garlic. Plant in autumn and eagerly await your bountiful harvest next summer.
  • Materials: Polypropylene for the Grow Bag, specialized fertilizer, and select garlic varieties.
  • Grow Bag dimensions: 22″ diameter by 15″” height for strong root development during the growing season.
  • 1 Pint The Neptune’s Harvest Fertilizer: enriched with seaweed which releases natural minerals, and fish emulsion bringing the soil to an organic balance of; 2-3-1 NPK.
  • Grow Bag accommodates 13 cubic feet of potting mix, which is approximately 1 bag of potting soil (sold separately).

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Basaltic Farms Garlic Grow Kit: The Ultimate Solution for Smaller Gardens.

Cultivate gourmet garlic effortlessly!

Our exclusive organic garlic growing kit boasts a 22″ diameter by 15″  height, Grow Bag, a curated Basaltic Farms Organic Garlic Collection, and one pint of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizer This is an OMRI-proven formula that gets results when applied properly. The grow bag is crafted from dual-layer, BPA-free polypropylene fabric, The Grow Bag accommodates 13 cubic feet of potting mix, which is approximately 1 bag of potting soil (which is sold separately). The Organic Seaweed and Fish Fertilizer is designed for sustained release, ensures your garlic receives all essential nutrients. Our Organic Garlic Collection offers a  1/2 pound of garlic, encompassing both Chesnok (hardneck) and Sicilian (softneck) varieties. With Basaltic Farms, garlic cultivation is a breeze: plant in a sun-drenched spot during the growing season and anticipate your harvest the subsequent summer.

Hardneck vs. Softneck Garlic: A Quick Overview

At Basaltic Farms, we provide hardneck and softneck garlic varieties, ensuring our customers have the best selection for their gardening needs.

Hardneck Garlic

  • Stem: Features a rigid central stalk or “neck” that is also called a scape and grows through the center of the bulb. Scapes also form the garlic flower. Scapes appear about 4 to 8 weeks before harvest. They begin to curl making several loops. In their early formation, they are tender and wonderful to eat. Once they begin to uncurl they will eventually point straight up to the sun. This a sign the garlic is ready to harvest.
  • Cloves: Typically hardnecks will have larger cloves arranged in a layer around the central stalk.
  • Flavor: Often more robust and complex in taste compared to softneck varieties.
  • Storage: Generally hardnecks have a shelf life of 6 to 7 months after harvest when kept in a cool dry ventilated area away from sunlight.

Softneck Garlic

  • Stem: Lacks the rigid central stalk, making its neck soft and pliable, ideal for braiding. If you’re considering braiding please do it within 1 to 2 weeks after harvest. During the first two weeks, the leaves are easy to work with. After 3 weeks the leaves are drying out and may break and become hard to work with.
  • Cloves: Contains more cloves arranged in multiple layers, often resulting in a larger bulb.
  • Flavor: Milder flavor, making it a favorite for raw consumption. Storage: Known for its more extended storage capacity.
  • Climate: Adaptable to a broader range of temperatures and typically does not produce scapes.

Grow Kit Product Specifications:

Suitable for All Small Spaces that receive 6 to 8 hours of Sunlight.

Our exclusive kit offers a 22″ wide and 15” deep Grow Bag for maximum root growth and one-half pound of our certified organic garlic (1/4 lb. Chesnok Hardneck and 1/4 lb. of Sicilian Softneck). One pint of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Seaweed & Fish Fertilizer. Requires 13 cubic feet of soil or about one large bag of potting soil which is sold separately.

  1. Position the Grow Bag in a spot that enjoys abundant sunlight, 8 plus hours per day is recommended.
  2. Load it with enough planting soil so that it is one inch from the top.  Then dampen the planting mix. Add more planting mix as the soil settles which is normal.
  • Plant the garlic 2–4 weeks before the onset of frost. That translates to early October for northern areas and November to December for the south.
  • Next, carefully separate the garlic bulbs into individual cloves and try to retain their papery covers. If you smash and damage a seed it will not grow well.
  • Ensure the clove’s tip, “the pointed end” is facing upwards, and plant the seed about 3″ to 5” deep. Distribute the cloves uniformly across the bed with about 5” of space per seed.
  • After planting and the soil is settled, now is the time to add one or two gallons of additional water with a mixture of the seaweed fish emulsion. Mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. The garlic will grow roots in 3 to 5 days after planting.

Note: The garlic may or may not sprout during autumn.

  • Winter: Garlic thrives in zones 3-8. For those in zone 5 or colder, safeguard your seedlings from severe cold and erratic winter temperatures by adding a layer of mulch, grass clippings, or straw. Recommended 2 to 6 inches deep.
  • Springtime arrives in March for most of the USA. Garlic likes at least an inch of water per week. Feed your garlic every 2 to 3 weeks. The pint of Neptune’s Harvest will last the entire season for one grow kit. The insulating mulch will decompose over the season and will help retain water in the grow bag.
  • Please weed your grow kit regularly. You may have to water 2 times a week if the temperature dries out the soil. Continue watering and feeding through the summer until harvest time.
As you near harvest time in mid to late summer, the garlic leaves will start yellowing. We advise harvesting when the top four leaves retain 50% of their green hue and the bottom leaves turn yellow and brown and die back. Carefully extract the bulbs, keeping the foliage intact. Best to let the garlic cure in a dark well ventilation area for curing, which typically spans 3 to 4 weeks. Once thoroughly dried, snip the foliage 1/2″ above the bulb and store it in a cool dry area,

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