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  • Certified Organic Garlic

    Baby Garlic

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    1 pound or 20 to 26 bulbs. Each bulb has 10 to 15 seeds or approx. 260 new baby garlic seeds per pound. This baby garlic is made up from the smaller bulbs of all our varieties. When we sort the garlic all the smaller bulbs are sold as Baby Garlic. In the first year these seed will double in size and in the second year they will triple.

  • Certified Organic Garlic

    Chesnok Red

    $12.00$21.00 Select options

    Hardneck – purple stripe type, 8-12 cloves per head, 7-9 months storage time, sweet flavor

  • Certified Organic Inchelium Red Garlic Seed - Basaltic Farms Mcarthur Ca
    Certified Organic Garlic

    Inchelium Red

    $13.00$24.00 Select options

    Softneck – artichoke type, 8-15 cloves per head, 8-12 bulbs per pound, medium-sized, purple striped color, spicy and full-bodied flavor.

  • Certified Organic Garlic


    $15.00$28.50 Select options

    USDA and CCOF-certified organic music garlic seeds for sale. Hardneck – porcelain type, 5-8 cloves per bulb, 6 to 10 bulbs per pound. Approximately 30 to 45 seeds per pound. Music has a  mild flavor when cooked. The hot and spicy flavor when eaten raw. Great disease resistance. Bulbs can grow up to 4 inches in size. Music can grow over three feet tall when cared for properly.

  • CCOF Certified USDA Organic Sicilian Artichoke Garlic - Basaltic Farms
    Certified Organic Garlic

    Sicilian Artichoke

    $13.00$24.00 Select options

    Softneck – artichoke type, 12-18 cloves per head, 8-12 months storage, pearly white color, strong flavor.

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