Health Benefits Of Garlic

Well-Known Health Benefits of Garlic

We are providing this information from Cited Studies from The National Library of Medicine and 64 other sources showing the Health Benefits of consuming Garlic on regular Bases.

Garlic Overview:

Garlic has been consumed since ancient times. Over time, wives, physicians, and doctors discovered that Garlic has many benefits and excellent health-promoting and disease-preventing effects on many common human diseases. Such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, blood pressure, and diabetes, through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-lowering properties, as demonstrated in several in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies.  

Garlic is considered a functional spice because of its diverse nutritional constituents, phytochemicals, and fiber. Garlic contains high levels of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and sulfur, moderate levels of selenium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, and low levels of sodium, vitamins A and C, and B-complex. 

Cite 1 Agarwal K.C. Therapeutic actions of garlic constituents. Med. Res. Rev. 1996;16:111–124. Doi: 10.1002/(SICI)1098-1128(199601)16:1<111::AID-MED4>3.0.CO;2-5. [PubMed] [CrossRef] [Google Scholar]

Here is a short list of how Garlic helps your body

  1. Blood pressure regulation
  2. Blood sugar stabilization
  3. Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  4. Plaque reduction in your blood system
  5. Preventing Clots
  6. Prevents cancer in conjunction with Ivermectin usage, stops Respiratory system cancer, Brain glioma, Hematological cancer, Prostate cancer, Urinary system cancer, Digestive system cancer, and Breast cancer. Melanoma, Kills and reverses tumors and induces autophagy-dependent death in tumor cells.
  7. Garlic removes heavy metals from your body, including Arsenic, Magnesium, Lead, Iron, Mercury, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Barium, Cadmium, and Cobalt.
  8. Ingesting Raw Garlic has antifungal and antiviral properties and is a known natural antibiotic used for centuries and kills many strains of bacteria that have become immune or resistant to current antibiotics.
  9. Garlic has antioxidant properties and includes these essential Nutrients. 
What Are The Health Benefits Of Organic Garlic - Basaltic Farms

Garlic Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Garlic Medicinal Properties

Since the beginning of recorded time, Garlic has been used by all civilizations for medicinal purposes. People discovered by experience that Garlic has helped with many ailments people suffer from, and they continue to use it in modern times. Why do you ask?

Because it works, has so many benefits, and helps with many ailments. People have testified under oath, given testimonials, written books, and endless papers. I know that is not a scientific answer, but if you consider the amount of time it has been used for treatments of you name the illness, you have to think not everyone is crazy.

Even though ancient people did not have access to modern tools that could dig down to the cellular levels, they knew there was something special about Garlic, which tasted good too. So if you are the scientific type, here is a link to Google Scholar, where you find all the technical terms and chemical breakdowns.

We are glad Google Scholar has listed so many scientific papers. Below are more detailed cited studies not found in Google that are valuable to you.



Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Garlic - Basaltic Farms

Garlic Is Incredibly Nutritious

One clove (2-3 grams) of raw garlic contains

Vit A 0.27IU

Vit B-6 0.037mg

Vit C  0.936mg

Vit  E 0.002mg

Vit-K 0.051µg

Carbs 0.992g

Carotene 0.15µg

Calcium 5.43mg

Copper 0.009mg

Energy 4.47 kcal

Fiber 0.063 g

Iron, Fe 0.051mg

Manganese 0.05mg

Niacin 0.021mg

Protein 0.191g

Potassium, K12mg

PHOS 4.59mg

Riboflavin 0.003mg

Selenium 0.426mg

Thiamin 0.006mg

Zinc, Zn 0.035mg


Eating 1 ro 2 cloves of fresh Garlic daily helps your body maintain maximum health.

Garlic Protects Against Illness

Health Benefits Of Garlic Consume Raw Organic Garlic For Illness Basaltic Farms

Garlic Protects Against Illness

Studies have shown garlic compounds can modulate various signaling pathways, which in turn help cure a large host of diseases known to humanity.

Several studies of Old Wife’s Tales have found that information passed down over the years is true and enormously beneficial for treating allergies, colds, flu, anemia, and candida yeast infections. Blood regulation helps decrease heart attacks and strokes, which thins vascular endothelial growth. In addition, they are cleaning out the junk food Americans consume.

One achieves results by consistently eating 1 to 2 fresh garlic cloves daily. Basaltic Farms produces certified organic Garlic, which is Laboratory tested for quality. No chemicals are added to the crops grown. However, to obtain optimum health results, you must use pure Garlic daily.

USA Grown VS. Chinese Garlic

Many people already know that supermarket garlic is cheap, makes up 80% of the USA’s consumption, and comes from China. Unfortunately, China garlic is not organic and is irradiated, sprayed, fumigated, bleached, and fertilized with untreated human waste.

The bulbs often contain disease cloves that are discolored. They also show mite and nematode damage, the little brown spots you see on the seeds, or they may contain wireworms hidden until you break open the bulb.

What’s the difference between Chinese and USA-grown garlic?

China garlic has little to no flavor due to the extensive over-processing. The bulb size is ridiculously small; by the time you get the tiny cloves peeled, a time-consuming task, and dispose of the yellow cloves, you end up throwing most of it away.

The list of organic garlic benefits is constantly growing as new studies confirm the health benefits for every part of our bodies. In addition, you must purchase certified organic Garlic to gain the maximum health benefits.

How Much Garlic Should I Try?

Depending on the type of Garlic you order, one bulb can contain up to 18 cloves, a nine-day supply for one person. You can not overdose on Garlic. But by taking too many Big Pharma medicines, you can die or experience unwanted side effects. Garlic has no side effects and will never make you ill; the only exception we found is this silly study below.Interestingly we found one study that used mice as test subjects and force-fed them for 28 days with garlic paste up to their entire body weight to see the effects on their tiny livers.

That is like taking a human weighing 140 pounds and forcing them to eat 140 pounds of garlic daily. Some of these studies make no sense; we consider them cruel and useless. “So guess what?” “They found liver damage in the mice.” I do not think you could find a human that would subject themselves to eating their entire body weight in garlic for 28 days. We would call researchers mad scientists. So if you ever search for garlic overdose, this is the basis you will find.

Eating Raw Garlic Is the Best

When using Garlic for medicinal purposes, you can chop it up on a cutting board or use a Garlic press. The Allicin reaches maximum potency between 5 to 8 minutes and is now ready to consume. When cooking with Garlic, never let it reach over 140 degrees.

Suppose you want maximum benefits to adding it at the last two minutes so it remains as close to raw as possible. This method also allows the exquisite flavors to reach their peak, and your tongue will thank you. We added some of our favorite garlic cooking ideas in our recipe section. Garlic goes well with everything.


Eating 1 to 2 cloves of fresh Garlic daily helps your body maintain maximum health.

Consuming Organic Garlic is Known to Protect Against Illnesses Like the Common Cold and Flu's

Consuming Organic Garlic is Known to Protect Against Illnesses Like the Common Cold and Flu’s

Many published white papers touting garlic supplements’ abilities to help boost the function of our immune systems.

Many cited*

Studies found that consuming daily garlic supplements reduced the number of common colds by 60+% compared to a placebo. Cold symptoms were shortened from five days to just one and a half days. When consuming higher doses of garlic extract pills containing at least 2.5 grams. Sick days were reduced by 60%. As always, one study found insufficient evidence stating more research is needed.

As real garlic farmers who consume organic Garlic daily, we also grow it for our customers. We found that we have not gotten colds, flu, or any sickness over the past five years. We like to eat raw Garlic for its flavor and potency. We also cook with Garlic but always add it at the last cooking moment.

Cooking it longer reduces the flavor, and too much heat over 140 degrees rapidly reduces the nutrients and benefits. The active ingredient in raw Garlic is a naturally produced enzyme called allicin.

Allicin achieves maximum potency in five to seven minutes when crushed or chopped and turns into the Alliinase enzyme, which activates antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal compounds. It also creates that garlic smell we all know and love. It is noteworthy to say using Garlic with other ingredients, such as organic raw honey and lemon juice, not only tastes wonderful together but also brings to the table other healthy benefits.

We also supply an organic garlic supplement company that insists on the purest quality and rigorously tests each shipment with their laboratories before they make powder supplements. They turn our Garlic into kyolic Garlic, which is a registered trademark. Kyolic is a process where the Garlic is sliced and aged for 20 months without heating. Most of the production comes from the central valley in California.

Basaltic Garlic Farm is located at a 3000-foot elevation and the colder climate and the snow sharpen the flavor of our Garlic you don’t see at lower elevations.

So we are often asked what does our Garlic taste like?

Our answer: it is so hard to describe; you must put it in your mouth. Then you will know and be hooked on something that is actually good for you.


Adding Garlic to your daily diet may help boost your immune system if you are susceptible to colds and flu.

Consuming Organic Garlic May Reduce Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and Hypertension

Consuming Organic Garlic May Reduce Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and Hypertension

Everyone knows that high cholesterol is a significant risk factor for heart disease. Studies show that consuming as little to ½ to 1 whole clove of Garlic lowers cardiovascular disease. The studies do not reveal the source of the Garlic and if it was organic. What was found is a significant reduction in lowering LDL cholesterol by as much as 9% in control groups. Hypertension is a concern for many people. It is the measuring of the systolic and diastolic pressure of your blood. Most folks are familiar with the cuff they put over your arm, pump it up, watch the meter, and write it down in your medical file.

A 2019 Australian study found that eating raw Garlic was overwhelmingly very good for controlling Hypertension. Eating raw, certified organic Garlic reduced the risk of cardiovascular events by 16 to 40%. Eating raw Garlic helps regulate Hypertension by lowering blood pressure by as much as 11.2 mm HG (mm HG is a measurement used in a blood pressure device they put on your arm.)

Garlic can help reduce the stiffing of arterial walls. Stiffing occurs with the loss of elastin/collagen, which reduces oxygen flow in blood vessels. Stiffening is aggravated by inflammation and the build-up of calcium or calcification inside your blood vessels.

Garlic helps regulate the gut microbiota found in your gastrointestinal system or stomach. The digestive system has many types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The list of other organisms is impressive. The proper amount of Garlic helps balance the stomach juices and supports energy harvesting and immune defense.

Our stomachs break down the food we eat and turn it into usable food for our bodies which are then carried to our cells via the blood system. Nice elastic blood vessels make the job of converting food into energy easy and are critical to good health. Too much Garlic will give you a stomach ache. So one to two cloves daily are recommended to keep the doctor away.

Please note that Garlic can not reverse the damage caused by poor food intake over many years of abuse. Getting on the health bandwagon sooner than later will help prolong your life.

Basaltic Farms knows that the source of your food matters, and it starts with chemical and pesticide-free soils. Before the age of Monsanto, farmers knew that if you took care of your soil, you grew the best crops. We are healing our soils daily using the best practices of regenerative agriculture. Bringing our customers the best information along with high-quality Garlic is a win.


Garlic can reduce the level of Total Cholesterol and “low-density lipoprotein,” the bad cholesterol, instead of high-density lipoprotein, the “good cholesterol,” and the number of triglycerides in your blood. In addition, high triglyceride levels increase your risk for heart disease. Making dietary changes such as regular exercise, maintaining the correct body weight, eating heart-healthy foods, and stopping smoking cigarettes significantly helps reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Consuming Organic Garlic May Prevent Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Consuming Organic Garlic May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

In a 2018 Australian study conducted at Curtin University), researchers are finding that an odorless aged extract found in Garlic may help or even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Most people know about Alzheimer’s symptoms, including disorientation, memory loss, weakening motor skills, emotional unpredictability, and loss of speech. This disease currently affects over 50 million people worldwide. Medical practitioners have been researching these diseases for the last 100 years, trying to determine the cause, prevention methods, and how to cure them.

Medical scientists are looking closely at the blood-brain barrier and the millions of tiny blood vessels in our brains. They found that diets with high amounts of saturated fatty acids in fast foods may be the leading culprit of inflammation and increased oxidative stress in the blood-brain barrier.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance caused by the body’s inability to counteract the harmful effects of unstable oxygen atoms trying to ‘steal’ the electrons of nearby stable molecules.

The senior researcher Ryu Takechi did not mention the source of the aged Garlic used in the study, but apparently, it can be found in Australian pharmacies as an over-the-counter supplement. However, Kyolic Garlic which undergoes a 20-month aging process, maybe the same type of product found in the USA as a daily supplement.

Garlic’s water-soluble antioxidant properties play a crucial role in reversing breaches in the blood-brain barrier. Researchers found a mysterious protein called Amyloid they discovered it caused the death of neurons in the brain.

Consuming aged Garlic has been found to completely restore the blood-brain function by stopping Amyloid entry from crossing the blood-brain barrier. Thereby decreasing the risks of developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


Using aged Garlic as a supplement may completely reverse Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Another fantastic win for Garlic.

Consuming Organic Garlic Detoxifies Heavy Metals from the Human Body

Can Eating Organic Garlic Remove Heavy Metals from the Human Body?

There is more good news about how Garlic removes toxins in our bodies. According to an EPA white paper), Garlic is a promising antidote for heavy metal accumulation in the human body.

Due to the water solubility nature of Garlic and its ability to absorb organosulfur compounds, it has been shown to remove toxins through its antioxidant properties. This is terrific news for people who suffer from excess accumulation and poisoning from heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and copper.

The allicin in Garlic acts as a defense mechanism as the antimicrobial properties of Garlic are activated when consumed. The study explains how Garlic detoxifies the body using its built-in antioxidant properties. Garlic is such a fantastic plant. Eating Garlic outperformed conventional methods used to detoxify the body of heavy metals.

In other studies, Garlic was also used to detoxify soils. They planted Garlic in agricultural areas known to be contaminated with high contractions of heavy metals. Basically, the garlic roots and leaves absorbed the heavy metals in the soil. After the Garlic matured, it was harvested, tested for accumulation, removed from the contaminated areas, and destroyed.

Additionally, Rye grasses act similarly and absorb toxins but less efficiently than Garlic. The same principle applies to humans as Garlic absorbs all kinds of toxins and is eliminated by our digestive systems.

The Environmental Protection Agency sets standards for the allowable amounts of heavy metals in the food supply chain, and they are measured in parts per million. All soils contain some level of heavy metals, but it is the concentrations that matter. Unfortunately, too many farms have become contaminated due to the use of non-organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Basaltic Farms did a test for heavy metals before we purchased our 100-acre farm. The results show that our soil is well below the EPA guidelines and free from contamination. Our soil was created by volcanic activity originating from Lava Beds National Park, which has an elevation ranging from 4,000 to 5,700 feet. The lava flowed to the Californian central valley, creating large pockets of super-rich soils.

You can not control how the earth makes lava; some folks are thrilled when it contains concentrations of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and diamonds. We are delighted that the soil at Basaltic farms is mainly volcanic sandy loam with a light amount of clay. This combination is perfect for water retention, and cover crops continue to build organic matter. We found that this soil composition also sharpens our Garlic’s flavor.


Consuming raw Garlic to eliminate heavy metals is accelerated by its water-soluble properties and is filled with phenomenal antioxidant compounds. It targets toxic concentrations of mercury, lead, arsenic, and copper.

Consuming Organic Garlic May Improve Overall Bone Health

Consuming Organic Garlic May Improve Overall Bone Health

Iran has conducted several clinical trials on bone health and Osteoporosis, published in the National Library of Medicine* cite ( Where ever good information is found, Basaltic Farms will bring the best and most current available.
Studies have found Garlic plays an integral part in bone health, although the studies focus mainly on older women as they are most susceptible to Osteoporosis.

Other studies using animals show the preservation of bone mass by regulating hormone levels and studying inflammation and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes a gradual breakdown of blood vessels throughout the body and contributes to many diseases. However, all studies have found that consuming Garlic is extremely helpful and can reverse many diseases we humans suffer from.

Maintaining healthy blood vessels is no brainier. We can do many good things to help our bodies work at peak levels, even when we age. In the above studies, they used garlic tablets and a placebo. We previously discussed the importance of Garlic’s water solubility, how it transfers antibiotics around all body parts, and the benefits of consuming Garlic in its many forms, such as eating it raw, in supplements, and in pill form or tablets.

The study showed that using garlic tablets decreased PCO plasma levels, which affects hormone levels in women, and increased levels in TAC, a blood test for the amount of Tacrolimus in the blood. Therefore, maintaining healthy levels is essential for stronger bones.


Garlic tablets may help women maintain healthy bones.

Have A Question About Balsaltic Garlic Farms Or Our Organic Garlic?

Check out our organic farming process and how it exceeds USDA Standards. Further, we only use sustainable agriculture practices on our nutrition-rich land, a perfect blend of volcanic sandy loam. Because this allows us to grow beautiful garlic. With a goal to only sell the best of the best to our customers. Located in beautiful Lassen County, 7 miles east of the town of McArthur California.

Health Benefits Of Garlic Buy Organic Garlic Seeds Basaltic Farms

Health Benefits Of Organic Garlic FAQ

What happens if I eat garlic every day?

Eating garlic daily, every other day, or even once a week can benefit you in many ways. Of course, too much of anything can also harm your health. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consume a reasonable amount. Have some with lunch or dinner, eat a clove or two at night, but don’t take half a bottle of garlic supplements because you feel a cold coming on!

Of course, one side effect of eating a lot of garlic is that it smells like garlic a bit. The metabolite Allyl Methyl Sulfide, an organosulfur compound that the liver cannot break down, is created when we digest garlic. This compound naturally exists in our bodies but increases levels in the blood after eating garlic. So, for a couple of hours or more, depending on how much you eat, people might notice your new perfume!

Sources: (a fantastic resource!)

What are the negative effects of garlic?

Adverse effects of overeating garlic can include heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and diarrhea. You won’t need to call poison control, but you should take some Pepto if you have too many 40-clove chickens!

Although, for an unfortunate few, there are food allergies associated with the organosulfur compounds that garlic and many other fruits and vegetables contain. For these people, eating garlic won’t be deadly; the inability to digest those compounds will be uncomfortable.

Is garlic good for the brain?

Recent research has shown that garlic is good for the brain and can also prevent and, in some cases, reverse signs of brain aging! Garlic achieves this in many ways, the most important of which are: regulating gut bacteria, reducing reactive oxygen species, and increasing the body’s expression of antioxidant enzymes.


  1. Regulating gut bacteria: The microbiota-gut-brain axis is a concept recently designed to describe the complex chain of interactions controlled by our gut microbiology. This axis includes the GI tract, central nervous, and immune systems. Garlic has the ability to help manage GI tract microbiology, destroying unhealthy gut bacteria while leaving beneficial species unharmed and even fed! Some organosulfur compounds in garlic act like antibiotics, destroying certain parts of non-mammalian cells that allow the cell to reproduce. Garlic is also high in a functional fiber known as inulin; this non-digestible carbohydrate becomes food for the good bacteria in your GI tract.
  2. Reducing reactive oxygen species: Reactive oxygen species, or ROS, are unstable oxygen molecules (02) produced by cellular electron transport. ROS is a naturally occurring byproduct of a normal functioning cell; however, an accumulation of certain species, like hydroxyl, in a specific body part can damage DNA, RNA, and proteins and even cause cellular death. The most researched organosulfur compound from garlic, allicin, is metabolized into a mixture of molecules and flavonoids that work together to create one of the world’s most potent known antioxidants!
  3. Increasing expression of antioxidant enzymes: The diversity of organosulfur compounds found in garlic not only acts as powerful antioxidants, but some also increase the production of antioxidant enzymes assembled naturally by our bodies. Enzymes are usually proteins that help speed up, contain, or repurpose chemical reactions, like a digestive enzyme breaking down carbohydrates into sugars. Garlic has been shown to help regulate and create enzymes important to neurological health, affecting many systems of cognition and memory that degrade with things like poor diet, medication, and stress.

Is garlic good for the heart?

While there are no silver bullet solutions for heart health, human studies have shown that garlic can help manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, and arterial hardening when taken in high enough doses. When combined with a balanced diet, exercise, and stress management, garlic can be a powerful additional tool for keeping your heart healthy. 

Garlic works on the heart in many of the same ways that it works on your brain, creating a diverse profile of organosulfur compounds that prevent oxidation, create enzymes and contribute to a healthy gut ecosystem. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down artery-clogging triacylglycerols, like cholesterol. Compounds in garlic have been shown to mobilize these enzymes, contributing to the destruction of fatty lipids in blood plasma. All of this helps to keep your body naturally able to keep your arteries cleaner and more robust. While garlic alone might not replace pharmaceuticals for people with certain heart conditions, almost anyone can benefit from adding garlic to their diet!

Garlic works on the heart in many of the same ways that it works on your brain, creating a diverse profile of organosulfur compounds that prevent oxidation, create enzymes and contribute to a healthy gut ecosystem. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down artery-clogging triacylglycerols, like cholesterol.

Compounds in garlic have been shown to mobilize these enzymes, contributing to the destruction of fatty lipids in blood plasma. All of this helps to keep your body naturally able to keep your arteries cleaner and more robust. While garlic alone might not replace pharmaceuticals for people with certain heart conditions, almost anyone can benefit from adding garlic to their diet!

Is garlic good for the kidneys?

Kidneys are an extremely important part of the microbiota-gut-brain axis, the body’s primary filter; all of your blood passes through them about 40 times a day! They filter blood and create hormones and enzymes that manage blood pressure, electrolytes, red blood cell production, bone density, and much more. Kidney health is critical; fortunately, garlic has been shown to help keep those beautiful organs healthy and productive!

Garlic works on kidneys in many of the same ways that it works on your brain and heart. The proteins, enzymes, and antioxidants catalyzed by a diverse array of organosulfur compounds found in garlic contribute to managing the endocrine system.

The most studied organosulfur compound in garlic, allicin, has been shown in research to work on blood in multiple ways, all of which improve the function of the kidneys. Some organosulfur compounds are potent antioxidants and can cross cell membranes, turn into a reactive sulfur species inside certain cells and oxidize specific protein groups, helping out your kidneys as they do their incredible job!

Is garlic good for your liver?

A growing mountain of evidence suggests the organosulfur compounds contained in garlic can affect your liver health in many positive ways. One of the main ways is by stimulating the construction of necessary antioxidant enzymes and reducing the production of certain pro-inflammatory enzymes, like aspartate transaminase.

As the liver is the primary filter for your stomach, processing the blood leaving your stomach and intestines, it’s crucial to have good liver health so your body can properly break down, balance, and create nutrients.

There is more and more being discovered about the microbiota-gut-brain axis every year, and its importance in regulating many functions of our bodies cannot be overstated. Garlic and the organosulfur compounds within are becoming powerful tools in this new era of discovery.


Is garlic a blood thinner?

Many surgeons and medical doctors recommend avoiding foods containing high amounts of organosulfur compounds, like garlic, onions, or mushrooms, 2-3 weeks before and after surgery. This is because some of the researched organosulfur compounds found in these vegetables have demonstrated the ability to inhibit platelet formation, in other words, discourage blood clotting.

The problem with this type of research is that the studies were done in vitro (in a test tube) and with a single organosulfur compound. As exciting and valuable as that work is, we need a complete picture of how the diverse compounds in garlic work with and within the human body. Moreover, research done in 2020 on 500+ human patients regarding aged garlic extract and its effects on blood pressure showed that it does NOT increase the risk of bleeding during or after surgery.

But what is a platelet, and why do clots form? Platelets are cells formed inside our bone marrow that, triggered by immune responses from inflamed tissues, travel through the blood, stick together and signal for other structure-building compounds. A critical protein signaled to and involved in clotting is fibrinogen, a compound produced in the liver that works in unison with platelets to repair the damage.

This protein travels through the blood, attaches to platelets, and constructs a web around them, creating cross-linked sections of platelets that, hopefully, will be dissolved by your body when the tissue is repaired. Sometimes, this process doesn’t always work as intended, leading to blood clots, a general “thickness” of the blood, and poor circulation. How numerous organosulfur compounds in garlic work on this system isn’t exactly known yet, but research has shown that the allicin and ajoene components have an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, activation, and interaction.

Clots are less able to form and stay clots, and the blood is “thinner.” This can be an issue during and after surgery when the body is healing. However, the majority of people will benefit from the ability to have more mobile and efficient platelets.


Can garlic help with anxiety?

Studies conducted on mice have indicated that organosulfur compounds found in garlic can help combat stress and reduce specific symptoms of anxiety and depression. Researchers think this happens when organosulfur compounds and metabolites of said compounds interact with the central nervous and immune systems.

Two of the most studied garlic organosulfur compounds are derived from an essential amino acid, cysteine. They can interact with our immune system and suppress specific proinflammatory signaling proteins and hormones.

Signaling hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, regulated by our immune system, are used by our body to manage heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar, all of which can play a role in how much energy you have, your emotional intensity, and even your body weight.

The specific interactions and reactions of garlic’s interesting compounds are still being elucidated. However, current scientific research and a couple of thousand years of human observation suggest that garlic can help with anxiety and improve stress management in ways therapy can’t.


Is garlic good for your stomach?

For most people, garlic is excellent for your stomach! For the few people with trouble fermenting the fiber fructans, also known as fructan intolerance, there can be issues with bloating, constipation, or diarrhea.

The fiber fructans, which garlic contains a good amount of, can benefit the microbiota that lives in your stomach and G.I. tract. Since the stomach lining can’t readily absorb fructans, certain species of bacteria are left to ferment the fiber. This results in the garlic sugars “feeding” the good bacteria in your stomach while other species are left out of the fun.

The exact bacteria are still being researched and enumerated; however, studies have shown that there are key players, species with multiple genera, that reside in our stomachs and have a significant role to play in inflammation and oxidative stress.

Two species that are used as a type of marker for gut health are Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes. The commonly accepted theory is that the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio (12:620) is intrinsically correlated to multiple other species of bacteria and represents the overall homeostasis of your microbiome.

This ratio can be controlled by eating certain foods, called “prebiotics,” like the fructans in garlic! Although, when specifically speaking of garlic, the numerous effects of the organosulfur compounds on your microbiota-gut-brain-axis make it more than a simple prebiotic.


Is garlic an antibiotic?

Not only is garlic an antibiotic, but it’s also one of nature’s most potent! The main reason for this antibacterial activity is the many organosulfur compounds contained within plant tissue or created and captured through processing methods.

This diverse list of compounds includes allicin, ajoenes, and allyl sulfides, which work in numerous ways to kill and suppress bacteria. In isolated form, allicin (diallylthiosulfinate) has been shown to kill multiple multi-drug resistant bacteria, human parasites, fungi, and viruses.

A Washington State University study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy found that diallyl sulfide is extremely effective at penetrating the protective biofilm of the dangerous, food-borne bacteria Campylobacter jejuni. Not only was it more effective (100x) than the leading antibiotic solutions erythromycin and ciprofloxacin, it worked in a fraction of the time!


What is the best way to eat garlic?

According to modern science, the most efficient methods to get a diverse mix of organosulfur compounds out of garlic and into your body are: (in order)

  1. Aged garlic extract: Aged garlic extract has been found to have the most diverse mix of organosulfur compounds. This is because unstable molecules that would otherwise be lost are stabilized and made more bioavailable and water-soluble during the aging process. In addition, aged garlic extract is created over a period of 20 months by submerging plant tissue in ethanol, then filtering and concentrating the product.
  2. Raw garlic: Crushed or macerated and left out to sit for about 10 mins is the best way to use garlic in food. This process allows for a lot of allicin to be constructed and still present when consumed. Add garlic at the last minute, turn off the heat, and enjoy the benefits! However, care should be taken when putting raw garlic into oil for prolonged periods at room temperature. This environment can be favorable for producing the harmful bacteria Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism when enough is consumed.
  3. Dried: Dehydrated or powdered garlic can have many of the same organosulfur compounds as raw; although many are lost, allicin is present at highly reduced levels. Compounds like thiols are oxidized and no longer available, and many nutrients may also be unavailable or broken down, and its convenience might make up for this, occasionally.
  4. Cooked: When heated to 140(F) and above, many organosulfur compounds will break down, not all, but quite a few. Benefits will still be present but at a much-reduced rate to the abovementioned process. As a rule of cooking and science, NEVER heat garlic powder up without some fat to help protect the remaining compounds; fresh always tastes better anyway!

As for things like black garlic or laba (pickled), research shows compounds are still present and bioavailable; however, processing methods are diverse and can produce different end products. For example, in general, black garlic was shown to have compound decomposition and loss of diversity when compared to fresh, raw garlic.

As for laba garlic, research still needs to be done as new compounds could be produced by the 12-day aging in vinegar. A study by the Institute of Food Safety in Beijing, China, found that while the overall organosulfur compounds decreased, there was an increase in the non-organosulfur compounds.


Can garlic lower BP?

A 2020 analysis of 12 trials and over 550 patients with hypertension found that garlic supplements, specifically aged garlic extract, can effectively lower blood pressure better than modern medications. In fact, the study showed that the garlic supplement lowered blood pressure, reversed arterial hardness, and normalized blood thickness!

In addition to these outstanding benefits, the Kyolic aged garlic extract was shown NOT to increase the risk of bleeding while taking the supplement. Meaning one can take and enjoy the benefits of said supplement even when recovering from surgery or before going in.

Overall, the accumulated data showed that the aged garlic extract decreased the risk of heart attack or stroke by 16-40% by lowering blood pressure, rejuvenating arteries, and improving circulation in numerous ways.


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