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CCOF USDA organic seed garlic for sale from Basaltic Farms Inc., Direct Farm Table operator.

Certified Organic Garlic Varieties For Sale

Welcome to Basaltic Garlic Farm: One of the best features of our regenerative farm is working with nature and turning our agriculture practices into a living ecosystem. This practice harmonizes and unlocks all of nature’s nutrients found in our volcanic sandy loam soil. This passion for soil and natural systems ensures that our 100% certified organic garlic bulbs by the USDA and CCOF is nutrient-dense and pest free. 

Our diverse cover crop mixes eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Using cover crops will activate life in the soil, plant root exudates are a substance secreted by plants and insects. When balanced they work together to stimulate, unlock and maintain our thriving microbiology. Our fields are alive with millions of beneficial insects that keep our garlic healthy and pest free. Additionally, maximum nutrients mean maximum flavor compounds are enhanced.

We know you are looking for top-quality Heirloom Garlic. You found it at Basaltic Garlic Farm.

CCOF Organic Certification

Certified California Organic Garlic Farm - Basaltic Farms
Certified Organic Garlic Seed 5

Check out our organic farming process and how it exceeds USDA Standards. Further, we only use sustainable agriculture practices on our nutrition-rich land, a perfect blend of volcanic sandy loam.  Because this allows us to grow beautiful garlic. With a goal to only sell the best of the best to our customers. Located in beautiful Lassen County, 7 miles east of the town of McArthur California. 

Basaltic Farms certified organic garlic seed is suitable for eating and planting. Our flavorful organic garlic is a refreshing joy for those who appreciate fresh, healthy garlic with outstanding flavors. We process everything by hand. Our team invites you to take a look and if you have questions we are always happy to help. Thank you for supporting small American Farmers.

Did You Know

Garlic is incredibly nutritious.

One clove (2-3 grams) of raw garlic contains

Vit A 0.27IUVit B-6 0.037mgVit C  0.936mg
Vit  E 0.002mgVit-K 0.051µgCarbs 0.992g
Carotene 0.15µgCalcium 5.43mgCopper 0.009mg
Energy 4.47 kcalFiber 0.063 gIron, Fe 0.051mg
Manganese 0.05mgNiacin 0.021mgProtein 0.191g
Potassium, K12mgPHOS 4.59mgRiboflavin 0.003mg
Selenium 0.426mgThiamin 0.006mgZinc, Zn 0.035mg

USDA Certified Organic Garlic FAQ

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