Returns Policy

Guarantees, Returns, and Refunds

You will not find pages of red tape and disclaimers here. We do guarantee that you will receive USDA Certified Organic Garlic grown in our fields and is in perfect condition.

If your garlic arrives damaged by delivery carriers, Please call us immediately and take a picture of the damage. If damage is caused by delivery we will replace your order at no charge. If the garlic has hidden damage you must take a picture and let us know immediately. We will replace or refund the damage. Since garlic is wrapped in its own natural paper package it is impossible to detect hidden damage until it’s opened. We all have bought garlic at the store and later find out it has 3 or 4 seeds/cloves that might be discolored or moldy that no one wants.

We stand behind our garlic and will refund or replace it if any seeds are damaged. All garlic is perishable and you should plant it as soon as possible for best results. When planting our garlic seed we cannot absolutely guarantee our seed will perform well for you. There are too many variables in soil preparation and care, time of planting, and climate. We do not recommend our garlic for extreme southern latitudes below approximately 32 degrees north latitude, such as southern Texas, and Hawaii.

However, if you are unhappy with your seed purchase, we will gladly refund your money on the simple condition you return it to us within 30 days of our shipment and before it is planted. We will not refund or replace after the seed has been planted- no exceptions. Our liability in such instances will be strictly limited to the cost of the seed plus the initial shipping charges. If a partial order is returned, partial shipping will be refunded. We assume no liability for freeze damage to garlic shipped after November 15th nor for any kind of damage after you plant the seed.

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