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Fall Planting

Garlic Bulbs For Fall Planting

Pre-orders for 2024 Fall Garlic Will Open the First Week of March. Garlic for Fall Planting will begin shipping on August 15.

For more details: Basaltic Farms Seasonal Shipping Guide

Garlic should be planted in the fall and harvested in the summer. After curing, our garlic is ready for shipping from August to December.

Heirloom garlic is a popular but labor-intensive crop, leading to limited availability nationwide. Consequently, most of our customers pre-order to secure their supply. We usually sell out by early winter, and pre-orders open again in spring. For the best selection, we recommend ordering early.

Autumn Planting Garlic Features

Key Garlic Growing Tips

  • Sunlight: Garlic requires full sun. Plan your garden layout accordingly.
  • Soil: Garlic thrives in rich, composted, and well-drained soil. Garlic Is a heavy feeder, so proper fertilization is crucial. Visit our Fertilization Soak page for our methods!
  • Weeding & Mulching: Keep the area weed-free, as garlic doesn’t compete well with weeds. Mulching helps protect cloves during winter, maintain soil moisture, and reduce weeds.

How to Grow Autumn Planting Garlic

For detailed instructions, see our Garlic Growing Guide.

Bulk Order Discounts!

Farmers, Garden Centers, and Homesteaders:
Check out our updated 2024 Wholesale Pricing for Bulk Orders page or call (530) 238-5357!