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Naturally Grown

Garlic Grown Naturally

Garlic Pre-Orders for 2024 Open in March! Get ready for fall planting with our Purely Natural Garlic Bulbs, shipping starting August 15.

For more details: Basaltic Farms Seasonal Shipping Guide

Our Pure-Natural Garlic Bulbs are cultivated using the same methods as certified organic garlic but without the official certification. We work closely with our farmers to ensure they follow high standards, using organic soil and sustainable practices.

At Basaltic Farms, our garlic is always non-GMO and free from chemical sprays and synthetic fertilizers. Because obtaining certification is time-consuming and costly, we can offer our naturally grown garlic at a more competitive price.

Purely Natural Garlic Features

  • Organically grown with sustainable and ethical practices
  • Ready-to-Plant Bulbs
  • Available in 1/4lb., 1/2lb., & 1lb. sizes
  • Softneck & Hardneck Varieties Available
  • Shipping starts in September
  • Diverse and Flavorful Heirloom Varieties!

Essential Garlic Growing Tips

  • Sunlight: Garlic thrives in full sun. Plan your garden layout accordingly.
  • Soil: Garlic grows best in rich, composted, and well-drained soil. It’s a heavy feeder, so proper fertilization is essential. Visit our Fertilization Soak page to learn our techniques!
  • Weeding & Mulching: Garlic struggles against weeds, so keep the area weed-free. Mulch to protect cloves over winter, maintain soil moisture, and reduce weeds.

Garlic Planting Guide

See the How To Grow Garlic Instructions page for more detailed instructions.

Bulk Order Discounts!

Farmers, Garden Centers, and Homesteaders: Check out our updated 2024 Wholesale Pricing for Bulk Orders page or call (530) 238-5357!

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