Certified Organic Garlic

Certified Organic Garlic

Why Choose Basaltic Farms Garlic?

Garlic is a Fresh and frozen Vegetable that falls under the broader google product categories of Food Items, Fruits and vegetables, and Food, Beverages, and tobacco. It is a culinary staple known for its pungent flavor and aromatic qualities, commonly used in a variety of dishes.

Types of Garlic:

  1. Softneck Garlic: As mentioned earlier, Softneck garlic is known for its mild flavor and long shelf life. It’s ideal for warmer climates and is excellent for making garlic braids.
  2. Hardneck Garlic: This variety is known for its strong flavor and is best suited for colder climates. Hardneck garlic produces a flower stalk called a “scape,” which is also edible and has a mild garlic flavor.
  3. Elephant Garlic: Despite its name, Elephant garlic is actually more closely related to leeks. It has a much milder flavor compared to other garlic types and features large, easy-to-peel cloves.
  4. Creole Garlic: This is a hardneck variety that thrives in warmer climates. It has a vibrant, spicy flavor and is known for its beautiful purple-striped skin.
  5. Asiatic Garlic: This type matures earlier than most other types and has a strong, spicy flavor. It’s best used fresh, as it doesn’t have a long storage life.
  6. Purple Stripe Garlic: Another hardneck variety, Purple Stripe garlic is known for its stunning purple stripes and rich, complex flavor. It’s often used in gourmet dishes.
  7. Rocambole Garlic: This hardneck variety is a favorite among garlic connoisseurs for its exceptional flavor and easy-to-peel cloves. It performs best in areas with cold winters.
  8. Turban Garlic: This is an early-maturing garlic with a very strong flavor. It’s one of the first to be harvested and doesn’t store well, so it’s best used soon after harvesting.
  9. Artichoke Garlic: A subtype of softneck garlic, Artichoke garlic has multiple layers of cloves and is known for its ability to be grown in a variety of soil types.
  10. Silverskin Garlic: This is the most common type of softneck garlic and is often found in supermarkets. It has a very long shelf life and is excellent for making garlic powder.

Whether you’re a home cook looking for the perfect garlic to spice up your dishes or a gardener seeking a new addition to your vegetable patch, Basaltic Farms has a garlic variety to suit your needs. From the mild and versatile Softneck to the robust and flavorful Hardneck, our selection is designed to offer something for everyone.

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