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Planting USDA Certified Organic Garlic seed. These are tips not set in stone, but rather best practice goals. Garlic is a hardy plant and puts up with lots of abuse. If you give it love it gives back. 

Prepare your planting bed so that it retains water but drains freely. Garlic does not like wet soils. But loves sandy loam’s, rich in organic matter with a living subculture full of healthy microbiological organisms. This equals sustainable agriculture. Take care of your soil and it takes care of you.

When you crack the garlic. Remove only the outer papers, leaving the single seed with a skin. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to have a complete paper on all seeds when hand cracking. Please try to use gentle force when cracking Baby Garlic. You do not want to damage the seed by bruising. 

Once that work is done it’s now ready to plant. Planting spaces vary so much. We suggest planting seeds with 6-inch spacing on a small scale. It can be more but not less than 4 inches. 

Keep it weed-free for the best result. You either grow garlic or you grow weeds. Those pesky weeds can suck up the nutrients intended for the garlic. So you have to do a bit of work for the best results. 

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